“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

- Albert Einstein

There are many different ways to help sponsor Nature Heals to promote healing and well-being. If interested please get in touch with us.

Sponsor a Child/Teen

Many families do not have the financial ability to afford therapy for their children. The types of therapeutic sessions offered by Nature Heals are often not accepted by insurance agencies since they are considered “alternative” methods. However, these methods work. Our sponsorship program allows individuals to sponsor a child to attend either a group session or one-on-one therapy with a state registered psychotherapist.

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Full Sponsorship of Child/Teen for 6 Private Sessions:  $600

Partial Sponsorship of Child/Teen for 3 Private Sessions: $300

Full Sponsorship Child/Teen for Group Session: $400

Partial Sponsor a Child/Teen for Group Session: $200

Sponsor a Program

A full sponsor of a program covers the cost of ten individuals to attend a seven-week program. This covers the use of the facility, 5 horses and 2 paid equine specialists/handlers, and a therapist. You may designate the program you wish to sponsor. 




Full Sponsorship of program: $4000

Partial Sponsorship of program: $2000


Sponsor a Horse

At this time, Nature Heals is partnering with Body N Soul Equestrian to provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for groups and for individuals. It is our view that the horses and ponies we use are co-facilitators and therapists in their own rights. They help us as humans cope and acknowledge our actual emotions.

Over the course of a year, the cost of caring for one horse can exceed $6,000. These expenses include routine & emergency veterinary care, feed, hay, supplements, shavings, farrier, daily care and shelter, tack, and other expenses.

Currently, we have 5 ponies and 5 horses that work with us throughout our programs.  If you are interested in sponsoring one of these amazing animals, please read about them and get to know their personalities.

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Full Sponsor= $500/month

Half Sponsor= $250/month

Partial Sponsor= $100/month

Treats and Goodies= $50/month

Sponsor a Garden

Mother Earth is the most natural, nurturing environment possible, but often we are pulled away from her because of our hectic lives. A garden is a place where we can sink our hands into the dirt and ground ourselves once again. We are currently in the process of building raised beds to be used in our horticulture programs. These beds cost approximately $200. If you are interested in making a donation to help create a space for the natural beauty of flowers and vegetables, please do!



Full Sponsor (building supplies, dirt, and seeds) $200

Building Sponsor (building supplies) $100

Growth Sponsor (Dirt+seeds+tools) $100