"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members."

- Coretta Scott King

Community Partners


Body N Soul Equestrian


Body N Soul seeks to provide holistic equine instruction, training, boarding, and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy; supporting the client's physical, emotional, and psychological growth in a safe environment founded upon the partnership between horse and human.

They are extremely happy to be partner with Nature Heals to be able to provide the horses and space for us to be able to operate.


Sam Field-Therapist


Sam Field earned her MA in Wilderness Therapy from Naropa. She works towards providing a unique therapeutic approach blends talk therapy, wilderness and equine therapy, somatic trauma informed, mindfulness practices, and horticultural therapy. She offers a nurturing, accessible, and inclusive therapy experience.

She has traveled the world studying and working towards implementing accessible and inclusive healthcare. She studied wilderness therapy because of her passion for being outside and working with horses, but additionally because wilderness therapy allows the space to get creative in how we do therapy and how we do life.

As a Queer woman, her identity has radically informed her personal & professional world. She is passionate about not only being a therapist in the office but a community organizer outside of the office. Sam believes social justice work enables her to build strong relationships and it directly benefits her work as a therapist. For more information about Sam check out her website!


Megan Beyer-Photographer


It's hard to remember which came first for Megan, the horses or the camera. At that time it was a little plastic polaroid. Purple. And of course her most adored subjects for photographs were the horses that she loved. Back then she rode western. Speed games were her favorite as she never had the patience for Western Pleasure. 

These days things have changed. The camera kit weighs as much as a small child, and is sadly not purple (although if Nikon made DSLRs in purple she'd definitely have one). The horses she rides tend to be taller and go dressage or eventing. Not that the type of saddle matters much since there is about a 50% chance she is riding bareback anyway.

The one thing that hasn't changed is the subject of the photographs.

Horses, obviously. Horses at liberty, horses at work, horses interacting with their herds, and horses with the people they share a special bond with. And dogs. We can't forget the dogs that make life so much better. So next time you see a tall redhead lugging a huge black backpack around an event or show, stop and say hello! And please forgive her if she remembers your horse's name before she remembers yours! For more information about Megan's amazing photography head over to her website!


Grants Received

longmont foundation.jpeg
  • The Alchemy Fund at the Longmont Community Foundation