"I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in tune once more."

- John Burroughs


Our Mission

Nature Heals is a service organization that provides nature-based therapies in order to improve the mental and emotional well-being of children and/or adults who would not usually be able to afford these therapies.  


Nature Heals cultivates community, connection, compassion, and respect all within a natural and nurturing environment.


At Nature Heals, we dream big. We long to provide scholarships, partial and full, to as many individuals as we can through grants and private donations.  

Our desire is to host programs that impact and are geared towards women of trauma, at risk youth, LGBTQ youth, children diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD), parents of children with ASD, and individuals suffering from substance abuse and PTSD.  In addition, we would like to support those who are dealing with chronic illness and grief. All of these groups can be greatly impacted by nature-based therapies, especially equine facilitated psychotherapy (EFP).

In the future, we also hope to offer wilderness therapy which involves taking groups out on multiple day long and overnight trips into the mountains and foothills for hiking, rock climbing, and backpacking supervised by registered psychotherapists and guides.