Enhance your team’s Trust, Collaboration, Focus and Innovation.

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Breakthrough research in Neuroscience indicates that when in nature individuals demonstrate greater capacity for personal growth and for connection with others. At Nature Heals, we take advantage of gorgeous surroundings in the Foothills of the Rockies. Team building is taken to a whole new level by utilizing Colorado’s amazing outdoor spaces as a container to enhance communication, teamwork, trust, leadership development, and innovative problem-solving skills.

Organizational alignment may be the greatest competitive advantage for any company or non-profit. A cohesive team can accomplish almost any goal. Many successful organizations realize this and commit time and resources to building a high-performing and cohesive team.

At Nature Heals, we offer options from developing trust and leadership by working with horses to challenging, low-risk team activities that make your team building retreat one that does more than communicate concepts of team.


The staff of Nature Heals interweaves knowledge of human behavior and organizational principles with a deep understanding of how horses reflect our inner sense of self. Because horses are prey animals, they have heightened sense perceptions and exist fully present in the moment. This vigilance enables them to be mirrors for us as they sense who we are, our intentions, and most importantly our congruency. This is what allows them to establish trust and allows them to follow our lead. Understanding and interacting with these unique attributes of horses and their natural herd dynamics has the power to reflect back to us, our strengths and weaknesses as leaders and team members and cause insights which can take us to the next level of development.

Participants will conquer fear, build trust, and challenge themselves to do more than they realized they could do, all in a safe and supportive environment with our highly skilled facilitators. Our "Challenge by Choice" philosophy allows all participants to be involved at a level best for them and does not promote pushing anyone too far out of their comfort zone. Although the events are designed to introduce several levels of challenge, no one is forced to do anything they are not comfortable with.

Don’t settle for the typical hotel experience. Nature Heals provides the ideal environment for team building retreats in the Greater Denver-Fort Collins area.