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Demeter's Journey: An Exploration of Motherhood

Women’s traditional roles have required them to develop emotional and social intelligence. Historically, society has emphasized women’s strengths flourishing in the areas of bonding, communicating, and understanding amongst children, men, and other women. 

Today, there are many paths for women. The decisions to become a mother or not, to pursue infertility options or adoption are complex choices. This group seeks to support women in these and other aspects of mothering by exploring the archetypal myth and energies of Demeter, the mother goddess, and the gifts that she can offer to women embarking upon motherhood. 

This unique group works with our mares that are in various stages in their own process of motherhood. Join us for the exceptional opportunity to bond and connect with other new moms, moms to be, or women who are trying to start a family, both of the two legged and four legged variety. During this 6 week group, women will be able to create relationship with several of our broodmares who will be due to give birth in the Spring of 2017. They will meet the broodmares before they give birth, and then watch them transition from being in foal, to being first time moms. 

 When: Saturdays 11-1pm; April 1st - May 6th

Where: Haven Hills Stables outside of Boulder on Nelson Road, Longmont

Cost: $350 - Some partial scholarships are available for this programming.

To register or for more information, please contact Brittany Foust, registered psychotherapist, at 540.664.3664,, or visit